Warren Freeman

Voice Teacher / Music Director / Arranger / Performer

As a performer with nearly 20 years professional experience, I know what you need to succeed.
Specializing in Pop, Rock, and Musical Theatre singing styles

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All About Me

Experienced Performer and Teacher


Voice instruction

Personalized to each singer

My teaching goal is to get you to your voice goals. I’m not going to try to make you into a cookie-cutter “perfect” voice, but to help you sound more like you! I’ll teach you the fundamentals of how your voice works, then give you specialized tips on how to sing in the styles that you are most passionate about. I work with all genres of singing, but I really love pop and contemporary styles, and will help you learn how to use a microphone if that’s what you want to sing!

Recordings and arrangements

Customize your sound

If you’re preparing for a big audition and need a track to rehearse with, I can record and email an MP3 to you within hours! Let me know what you want and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I’ve created music arrangements for auditions, cabarets, choirs and small ensembles, and licensed theatrical productions. From chord charts to choral harmonies, I’ll work with you to make the arrangement you want to make your performance special.

Performance and Voice Over

Professional vocals for your project

As I’ve spent the last decade researching the way the voice works, I’ve developed a 4-octave range that can sing effortlessly in any style from classical to rock. Whether live performance or sessions in the recording studio, count on me to sing whatever you need for your big event.


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